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5.20.2019 – Bangor Daily News Editorial from May 14th:


5.15.2019 – even at this late date, the MaineDOT is using an official Maine map that shows the I-395 Protected Wetlands from the original 395 project that 2B-2 transits thru. The MaineDOT told us in 2012 that they could not validate these protected wetlands existed, even though they are mapped as such, thus they didn’t exist. Now 7 years later, the map is clear – it is their map – on their website!! Do these wetlands exist or not? If this map is invalid – where was the mitigation for the original I-395 project? Hmmm…


5.11.2019 – Channel 2 report:


5.10.2019 posting – WABI report on cancelled projects:


5.10.2019 posting – The official MaineDOT document as referenced in BDN and Portland Herald articles. An interesting statement: “Most projects cut from the Construction Advertisement Schedule will be performed in future years, but that is not guaranteed, especially in the case of highway reconstruction and new alignment projects. Further, MaineDOT must reserve the right to reject bids on the projects being advertised if bids come in too high. All projects will be reviewed as we assemble our next three-year Work Plan to be published in early 2020 in the context of available revenue, system needs, and bidding climate.” 

Since the Wilson Street/Interstate 395  bridge replacement project is the first phase of the connector project; the future of the whole connector could be decided in January 2020…


Click here to view document online.

5.09.2019 posting:


5.09.2019 posting:


5.01.2019 posting: We don’t have enough money? Really? How ’bout that $79.25 million?


4.14.2019 posting:


4.14.2019 posting – A compilation of activities for the first quarter of 2019:


4.09.2019 posting:


4.02.2019 posting:


3.25.2019 posting:


3.25.2019 posting:


3.20.2019 posting:

3.18.2019 posting:


3.18.2019 posting:


3.15.2019 posting:


3.15.2019 posting:


The following 3 documents were sent to the transition team for Governor-elect Mills:




3.06.2019 posting – Finally, a much-needed project update from the DOT; remember when these used to be biweekly?


3.06.2019 posting – MaineDOT proves once again that we don’t have the money to foolishly spend on such a controversial and deficient alternative as 2B-2!!


2.26.2019 posting – Ground Zero in Eddington. This house no longer exists!!

2.25.2019 posting – Bangor Daily News:


2.20.2018 posting – A resolve from Senator Rosen:


2.14.2019 posting – email sent to Governor Mills on 1.30.2019:


1.31.2019 – an unsolicited response from the MaineDOT from the email originally sent to the Governor on January 18th ; as usual just talking points with no real answers:


1.26.2019 posting – email sent to Governor Mills on 1.18.2019:


1.09.2019 – Senator Rosen submitted the following legislation:

1.01.2019 – A compilation of news from the 4th quarter of 2018:


1.01.2019 – Portland Press Herald report on new traffic lights:


1.01.2019 – Who negotiated what the state would pay for this connector?

1.01.2019 – An important posting from 12.17.2018:


1.01.2019 – An important posting from 12.15.2018:


1.01.2019 – An important posting from 12.14.2018. Whether it’s state money, federal money or bond money – it is your money!!


1.01.2019 – An important posting from 12.10.2018 . Gretchen’s words from 2012 are still true today!!